Which Wolf Am I Feeding?

Some call it focusing on the good, some call it sticking their heads in the sand, some call it not facing reality....and some call it feeding the wolf. A Native American grandfather said to his grandson: "I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is a vengeful, angry, violent one. The other wolf is a loving, compassionate one." His grandson asked him, "which wolf will win the fight in your heart?" The grandfather replied "The one I feed". In other words, what you focus on expands. You can continue to be angry at the person you work with, you can swear at the driver that cut you off, you can argue with a family member to prove your rightness.....How's that going for

Sparkle In The Everyday

Take control of your thoughts and you'll bob back up to the surface; the beauty and sparkle is everywhere if we take the time to notice

Stories Are More Definitely More Important Than Things

Road trips are the equivalent of human wings. Ask me to go on one, anywhere. We'll stop in every small town and learn the history and stories, feel the ground and capture the spirit. Then we'll turn it into our own story that will live inside our history to carry with us, always. Because stories are more important than things. ~ Victoria Erickson I've helped form a friendship where both of us have withstood many ups and downs in our lives. Photography has made the bond we've shared even closer and this quote I found about road trips just about sums it up. I believe we've both spread our wings with this - discovered things about ourselves we didn't know were there and pointed out some in e

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