Seek And Ye Shall Find

Have you ever gone on a road trip with a friend? A friend whom you don't always have to be talking with - there is comfort in just being together and usually knowing what the other is thinking? I have that. Everyone needs one of those.

We usually start out with a general destination in mind and after that, we "play it by ear". Left or right? What feels right? Sometimes it's something that catches our eye in the distance, sometimes the landscape just looks interesting. This particular photo wasn't what originally caught our eye. The building caught our eyes first and as we drove up there were 3 horses right beside it - score!

Eventually (about 100 clicks later) 2 of the horses wandered away so I did too. I ventured down the road to the other side of this building and upon looking back was graced with the most beautiful shadows 🙌🏼

The gist of today's rambling - get out there and get shooting. There is much extraordinary in the ordinary!

Lost In The Shadows

Abandoned barn on the prairies amid the shadows

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