Canada's Golden Hour Project

I had the opportunity to submit a photo for Canada's Golden Hour Project which was sponsored by Over 100 photographers across Canada were asked to submit a photo taken on June 4, 2016 in their local area - either taken during the golden hour directly after sunrise or before sunset. All profits from the sale of Canada's Golden Hour Book were donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help us protect the natural diversity of Canada.

Up at 4 am, my husband and I made some planned stops for some shots before finally ending up in the heart of Lloydminster, AB at Bud Miller All Seasons Park. This is a view of the lake along the walking trail that surrounds it - a mere 4 hours after the yearly Relay For Life walk finished for 2016. The park was close to silent with no breeze, still water and the sun just peeking over the trees - a few "golden" moments we won't soon forget and a beautiful finish to the previous night's event.

The Rock

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