Just Show UP

My friend and I took a road trip a few weeks back. What should have been a 4 hour round trip ended up taking us 12 hours - it's what we do. We keep planning to a minimum. We usually have a destination in mind (ish) but other than that we just take mostly back roads and turn whichever direction feels the most fun. It never fails to disappoint - we have photographic opportunities that pop up out of nowhere it seems. We show up, expect to find good stuff to snap photos of and leave the rest to happen on its own. On this last trip, I even stated a couple of things I'd like to find to take photos of and lo and behold, it happened!! 😊

As in life, just show up. Stop micromanaging your life - choose a direction and just go - expect good things and see what happens. You may just surprise yourself with what shows up!

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