What You Look For You Find

When you ask, it is given.

You get what you think about.

What you look for you find.

You've all heard these words but do you live them? I'd like to say I do (and sometimes I would be correct) but more often than not I'm drawn to what could go wrong or what seemingly is going wrong. It's a process and I'm getting better at it - and what a difference it is! I LOVE feeling good! Now, when I dwell on what isn't going the way I'd like it to, it is feeling way worse than it used to and I guess that is a good thing. Reminds me to wise up and look for the good.

Look for the evidence of the good in nature and the friendliness of people. Look for the evidence of the well being of this planet. Before too long, this will become your new normal and you'll be amazed at the beauty of life that will come your way - all because you are looking for it.

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